I am in need of blogs that are really really nice and has substance. Doesn’t matter if they speak tagalog or english, kahit becki-talk pa, as long as it’s nice (umm duh). Kahit anong blog specialty/genre mapa fashion, artwork, music, personal blog or anything as long as they write effectively and their blog would leave me in awe. O_O

Actually, kahit ano talaga. Basta I am in need of new blogs to follow, even if they’re not from Tumblr. Better if they’re from Tumblr so I could easily stalk them. Sana they’re not really mainstream, as mainstream blogs have the tendency to annoy me for some reason I don’t really know hahaha! 

So kayo, you can leave your favorite blog links on my comment box below. <3 Or kahit your own blog, I’ll check it out! I check my followers blogs talaga every now and then (I use “shejustwantstodance” to follow everyone since this blog is just an alternate blog hehe) but baka namiss out ko so better leave your links below. I’ll reply once I’m done checking your recommended blogs. Thanks guys! 


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